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Nominations Reminders

  1. Different incarnations of a Time Lord or Lady count as different characters for this, so people will be able to select exactly which version they want to request or offer. We will not be approving relationships with general identities (such as "The Doctor", "The Master", "Romana") - please change your nominations and specify a version!

  2. Relationships should be formatted with slashes (A/B), not ampersands (A & B) - to make matching easier, we don't separate romantic/sexual and platonic relationships. We will not be approving nominations with ampersands, so if you nominated any such relationships, please change your nominations to the correct format.
In general, please make sure you've read the nominations instructions carefully before nominating!

Full nominations instructions | 2017 Rules & FAQ
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Public Call 2017 - Nominations

Nominations are now open.

Nomination Form on AO3

To view the approved tags in the tag set you can go here.

You will need an AO3 account to nominate relationship tags now and to later participate in the exchange. If you don’t have an account yet, you can request an invite here.

Nominations will stay open until 1st October.

You can nominate any relationship involving two or more characters from the extended Whoniverse. Crossovers with other fandoms are not allowed for this exchange. You can nominate up to 15 different relationships. The form also asks you to specify the fandom for every relationship, but as only Whoniverse characters are allowed you can leave the field blank as long as the relationship is already a known tag on the AO3.
  • Relationships must be formatted like this: Character A/Character B, Character A/Character B/Character C. etc. Normally AO3 uses relationships tags that link character names with a / to mean romantic/sexual relationships and those that link names with a & to mean familial and platonic relationships or friendships. For the nominations, sign up and matching we won’t be making this distinction. (Later when you post your fic you can tag however you think is appropriate.)

  • Different incarnations of the Doctor or other Time Lords count as different characters, so, for example, Tenth Doctor/Jack Harkness and Twelfth Doctor/Jack Harkness would be two separate relationships.

  • Relationships must be unambiguous, so please use the most specific/full name of the characters (for example Fifth Doctor, Martha Jones ...). If one of the characters has only a single, non-unique name (for example, “Jenny”), use a disambiguated version (“Jenny (Doctor Who: The Doctor’s Daughter)”). When you start typing into the nominations form, AO3 should bring up suggestions. Choose the most specific phrasing, or create something new if the relationship you want has not been used on AO3 before.

AO3 has a detailed guidelines on how to format canonical tags. We’ll try to approve the form of a relationship tag that is closest to the “canonical” form. To make this easier please use the autofill to pull up a suitable synonym for the relationship you want to nominate wherever possible. It pulls canonical (wrangled) tags from the full AO3 tag set.

You don’t have to nominate in order to participate, but only nominated relationships can be requested and offered during this round of the exchange. To make matching easier please only nominate relationships that you actually plan to request or offer!!

The mods will check all nominated relationships while nominations are in progress. All relationships that meet the criteria above will be approved, though they might be approved under different names than you gave. You can change your nominations only until they have been approved or rejected, so be sure of your nominations before you submit them! For more information on how the Ao3 nominations process works also check this detailed nominations tutorial made for the [community profile] yuletide exchange. (In the case of [community profile] yuletide fandoms and characters are nominated. In our case only relationship tags are nominated.)

Public Call 2017 - Rules and FAQ
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Public Call 2017 - Schedule, Rules & FAQ

What is Public Call?

Public Call is a secret santa fic exchange for Doctor Who and its various related fandoms, run for the fifth time this year through LJ, DW and AO3. Participants sign up to write a story of at least 1,000 words involving a relationship between two or more characters of the Whoniverse someone else has requested. In return, they receive a story of at least 1,000 words with a relationship they have requested.

All Whovian canons are welcome, from the TV show to the novels to The Curse of Fatal Death. RPF, however, is not included and non-Whoniverse canon crossovers can’t be nominated or matched on.

"Relationship" encompasses all kinds of relationships, from familial to friendship to romance, from platonic to explicitly sexual etc. (Writers are free to write any relationship as a pairing/moresome or as gen. More details below.)

The Schedule & the Gist

  • Nominations, 18th September - 1st October: nominate up to 15 relationships.

  • Sign-ups, 4th - 18th October: request 3 to 15 relationships, offer 3 to 20. (One each must be New Who and/or Torchwood.)

  • Assignments, sent by 20th October: check your email!

  • Writing period: write at least 1,000 words for a relationship your recipient requested.

  • Deadline, 26th November: upload your story by the deadline.

  • Posting period, starting 1st December: read along as stories are gradually revealed during December.

Detailed Rules and FAQ

(inspired by [ profile] yuletide and [ profile] rarepairfest)

Participation )

Nominations )

Sign-ups )

Matching, Assignments, and Writing )

Deadline, Extensions and Dropping out (Defaulting) )

Pinch-hitting )

Posting Period )

Treats )

Any more questions, just comment here or email us at :)
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Public Call 2017

Public Call is coming back for 2017!

We're gearing up for this year - watch [ profile] public_call/[community profile] public_call (or our tumblr) - there will be an announcement about the 2017 schedule as well as updated rules/FAQ in the next few days. Hope to see you when things get going!

Your mods,
[personal profile] navaan and [personal profile] trobadora
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Missy This Fic: the Gomez!Master Remix - sign-ups open

Missy This Fic is a new remix challenge for Doctor Who and its various related fandoms, designed to add more Missy to our lives by remixing a story in such a way that it's focused on Missy.

Sign-ups are open now, until 8pm GMT on Tuesday, 10th August. (When is that in my time zone?)

The rest of the schedule:
Deadline: 10th September
Posting period: starting 15th September
Author reveals: 30th September

More info: Full Rules and FAQ @ [community profile] missy_fest
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Public Call 2016 - Happy holidays!

All [ profile] public_call entries for this year have been revealed, and the collection has now been closed for new entries. If you still have some catching up to do on your reading, all 16 of this year's stories can be found here:

Public Call 2016 works

Please remember to thank the person who wrote for you, if you haven't already!

Participants are now free to repost their stories wherever they like.

Many thanks to everyone who participated, and we hope you all had fun with the fest. Happy holidays! :)
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"Missy's Puppy" - treat for merryghoul

Title: Missy's Puppy
Author: mrs_mozzie
Recipient: merryghoul
Relationship(s): Missy & Clara Oswin Oswald
Rating: General Audiences
Word count: 1051
Warnings: none
Summary: Missy turns Clara into her own puppy.
It doesn't go the way Missy thinks it will go.

Missy's Puppy
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"The Almost Doctor" for Meatball42

Apologies for the late announcement! By the time I got home, LJ maintenance was under way and I couldn’t access the site.

Title: The Almost Doctor
Author: Trobadora
Recipient: Meatball42
Relationship(s): Eleventh Doctor (Ganger)/Jack Harkness
Rating: Mature
Word count: 7253
Warnings: none
Summary: In the end, whatever he might have told Amy, he was still only almost the Doctor, and the TARDIS wasn't his. - The Ganger Doctor realises he isn't going to die, and tries to figure out what to do. Jack might help – or he might complicate things.

The Almost Doctor
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"The Heat Is Gone" for Tardiscompanion

Title: The Heat Is Gone
Author: monkiainen
Recipient: Tardiscompanion
Relationship(s): Eleventh Doctor/Tenth Doctor
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 1187
Warnings: none
Summary: Time is not linear - it's more like a timey-wimey wibbly-wobbly thing. Or what happens when you're faced with your past self in their darkest hour.

The Heat Is Gone
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"Chain of Events" for Trobadora

Title: Chain of Events
Author: navaan
Recipient: Trobadora
Relationship(s): Twelfth Doctor/Jack Harkness
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Word count: 2920
Warnings: none
Summary: With the lives they lead it’s not astounding that they meet again and again scattered through time and space and not always in the right order.

Chain of Events
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"Right Person, Right Time" for sonicshambles

Title: Right Person, Right Time
Author: Meatball42
Recipient: sonicshambles
Relationship(s): Martha Jones/Mickey Smith
Rating: General Audiences
Word count: 1804
Warnings: none
Summary: Martha isn’t sure where her life is going to take her after the fiasco that was the Osterhagen Key, but she knows she doesn’t want to stay with UNIT. The universe brings her a better option.

Right Person, Right Time
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"Tea and Biscuits" for dbskyler

Title: Tea and Biscuits
Author: paranoidangel
Recipient: dbskyler
Relationship(s): Eleventh Doctor & Sarah Jane Smith
Rating: General Audiences
Word count: 1225
Warnings: none
Summary: Sarah Jane had seen the Doctor a few times since he dropped her off in Aberdeen. All by chance and none when he knocked at her front door. Until now.

Tea and Biscuits
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"Shared Narrative" for merryghoul

Title: Shared Narrative
Author: Wojelah
Recipient: merryghoul
Relationship(s): Missy/River Song, Eleventh Doctor/River Song
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Word count: 1715
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Summary: Being raised as a psychopath with any eye to eventual assassination did, on occasion, come in useful.

Shared Narrative
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"Side Quest" for smallearthcat (vamplover82)

Title: Side Quest
Author: Annariel
Recipient: smallearthcat (vamplover82)
Relationship(s): Fourth Doctor & Harry Sullivan & Sarah Jane Smith
Rating: General Audiences
Word count: 6388
Warnings: none
Summary: Harry is collecting equipment for the Doctor when he runs into an adventure of his own. Can he foil the evil Dr. Richards, while at the same time helping the Doctor and Sarah fend off an alien invasion they somehow never quite have the time to explain properly to him?

Side Quest
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"My Doctor" for navaan

Title: My Doctor
Author: silvertrails
Recipient: navaan
Relationship(s): Twelfth Doctor/Jack Harkness
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Word count: 1579
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Summary: Jack meets the Twelfth Doctor.

My Doctor
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"Heads or Tails?" for monkiainen

Title: Heads or Tails?
Author: hellosweetie17
Recipient: monkiainen
Relationship(s): Fifth Doctor/Clara Oswin Oswald
Rating: General Audiences
Word count: 10652
Warnings: none
Summary: To help Clara move on from Jason, her friend Max convinces her to go on a date with an older man in hopes that her exboyfriend wlll become jealous. However, Clara didn't expect to fall for the man.

Heads or Tails?
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"A Taste of Home" for ginger_timelady

Title: A Taste of Home
Author: dbskyler
Recipient: ginger_timelady
Relationship(s): Sarah Jane Smith & Fourth Doctor
Rating: General Audiences
Word count: 1784
Warnings: none
Summary: Sarah, the Doctor, and home.

A Taste of Home
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"Risk Taking" for AuroraCloud

Title: Risk Taking
Author: navaan
Recipient: AuroraCloud
Relationship(s): Tenth Doctor/Jack Harkness
Rating: General Audiences
Word count: 1803
Warnings: none
Summary: Their relationship is never an easy one, but step by step they are learning, and above all they really care. Sometimes they are just not good with communicating it.

Risk Taking
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"Prickled Plant" for hellosweetie17

Title: Prickled Plant
Author: merryghoul
Recipient: hellosweetie17
Relationship(s): Eleventh Doctor/River Song
Rating: General Audiences
Word count: 1045
Warnings: none
Summary: The Doctor gets a chance to save River, but that chance isn't exactly what he expected it to be.

Prickled Plant
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"A Road That's Quietly Caving In" for lsellers (Annariel)

Title: A Road That's Quietly Caving In
Author: smallearthcat (vamplover82)
Recipient: lsellers (Annariel)
Relationship(s): The War Doctor/Fitz Kreiner
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Word count: 1736
Warnings: none
Summary: The Doctor regenerates. Fitz doesn’t know what to make of him.

A Road That's Quietly Caving In