Title: side effects of TARDIS travel
Author: Sumi
Recipient: Dancingsalome
Relationship(s): Missy/Clara Oswin Oswald
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Word count: 1102
Warnings: none
Summary: “Don’t try to overexert yourself, puppy. I don’t think words are going to come to you quite easily right now.” Missy leaned closer, her smirk widening. “Oh Clara, you need to relax. Why don’t you come over here and rest your head on old’ Missy’s shoulder. I want to make sure my puppy gets her rest.”

side effects of TARDIS travel
12 December 2014 @ 06:40 pm
Title: little while lies
Author: Sumi
Recipient: paperclipbitch
Relationship(s): Clara Oswin Oswald/Amy Pond
Rating: Genera Audiences
Word count: 1004
Warnings: Chose Not To Warn
Summary: It meant something if Clara had described Amy as her pretend girlfriend but these were thoughts better left unsaid for now. Lucky for Clara, a fourth attempt at calling Amy succeeded in the red head finally answering
“Emergency! You’re my girlfriend!”

little while lies